'Black Album' by The Soulslicers
'Black Album' by The Soulslicers

'Black Album' by The Soulslicers

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"Switzerland’s Soulslicers, bring us a 26 track album full of hard-hitting boom bap HipHop titled Black Album. It’s interesting how many European producers have assumed a responsibility in maintaining the boom bap production of the “golden eras” sound. They almost always utilize excellent drums with plenty of punch and bass. Their samples are always minimal. And they employ grimy emcees to spit the raw NY/East coast style rap that we know from the mid 90’s to the early 00’s. The SoulSlicers are no exception. The Swiss production team have crafted an album full of these types of beats. They’ve selected a cast of mostly newer and some lesser-known emcees with some underground veterans popping up to bolster the firepower on this large LP." - Alex P80 Parks


The Soulslicers are a swiss producer team composed of four beat-makers and one manager. They have always loved hip-hop and strive to keep real music (BoomBap, Soul Sound) relevant. Even in current cultural changes they remain dedicated to the true form of the genre. 

A diverse factor the Soulslicers bring to the table is individual crew members offering varying stand out characteristics/skills. Originally some members played instruments (drums, piano) and others used to be MCs, but over the last several years they have all shifted their focus to beat production.

At the beginning of 2010 they decided that being stronger as a cohesive unit would be much more beneficial than participating as separate lone artists respectively. The Soulslicers label was born and now the goal is making the highest level of beats for renowned international MC's.